Overview of our Services

Information & Communication (I.T)

• Fleet/Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Control (Sales, Maintenance and Support)
• Drafting of Fleet/Asset Monitoring Training Manuals
• Fleet/Asset Monitoring Strategy Development and Implementation
• Computer/Laptop and Peripherals Hardware Sales

The On Point IT Division has a vast experience in Internet of Thinks (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) from satellite and cellular connectivity thus able to provide end to end customer services, PCs, Laptops and peripherals. We can bring you the best device you require within your budget. All of our devices carry a warranty. We pride ourselves on spending time focusing on our clients to bring the tailor-made
solution that suits your needs. Whether you are a Fleet/Asset Owner, a gamer, student, business person or company, we serve you with high respect and deliver a quality product to you.
We pride ourselves in focusing on our customers and delivering high customer satisfaction. This is done through spending time with our customers and using industry-leading tools to perform these
assessments that will bring high results.


Chrome Ores Trading (Sourcing & Sales)

• Chrome ore lumpy
• Chrome ore chips
• Chrome ore fines
• Chrome concentrates
• Run of Mine

Finding the best reliable commodities suppliers for your investment can feel like an endless search and time-consuming. There are so many products offered in the market and on online platforms hence choosing a suitable one at a great price, on time and within the customer specifications takes a lot of effort. That is why at On Point Projects, we source, organise, test and validate the product quality, the product ownership before our buyers for easy and secure dealing.

With our years of on the ground material sourcing, we want to help you find the best product tailored to your specification needs and on time. Our reliable long term
relationships with our partners allow us to deliver on time and On point. We draw our strength and strive on our values being Honest Relationships, Customer Satisfaction, On Point Service and Diversity

On Point will act as your deal management agent representing your interest from the beginning to the end when the product is delivered to the final destination. We pride ourselves in providing transparency all the way.

Logistics (Transport)

• Trailer Rentals
• New Trailer Sales
• Chrome Commodity transporting from source to destination (National Only)(Tippers) • Fleet Rental (1 Ton to 4 Tons Pick-up)

On Point, Projects draw its strength from its reliable partners in fulfilling and delivering the customers

products on time and safe to its national destination. We, however, for now, do not manage logistics beyond South Africa. We act and manage all the Transporters from the loading site to the destination and provide timeous reports of the cargos. We also manage customers’ distribution agreements from source to destination. We use the leading fleet management methods and solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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